Thoughts on genetically modified plants

The National Academy of Sciences has recapitulated a number of thoughts on genetically modified plants in a document that aims at enriching the discussion on freedom of research and GMO by furnishing information and scientific data.Given the recent debate in Parliament on the subject, the community of experts belonging to the National Academy of Sciences felt compelled to resume the topic addressed in 2003 in the Report on ‘Plant biotechnology and GM varieties’ compiled by a joint Committee of the Italian National Academies of the Lincei and of the Sciences. Numerous scientific advances have been achieved meanwhile. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to consider the implications of choosing between alternative options: namely whether to benefit or not from the advancement in scientific knowledge and from the development of new technologies in the light  of experiences in other economies. The document aims at informing the general public and decision makers on the advancement of science and technology, on the new opportunities they offer and on the risks they may expose to. happening

(June 2015)