Seminal innovations in Italian agriculture: the contribution of Gian Tommaso Scarascia Mugnozza

The event presents the Italian contribution to agricultural research between the XX and XXI century, at the time of the green revolution and in the perspective of the biotechnological one. It will take place on September 2nd at Palazzo Italia of EXPO2015, Milan. The topics – wheat and its mutagenesis to increase yield and quality; biological fight and bio-factory examples; research internationalization and multilateral scientific cooperation; organization of agricultural research in Italy and abroad – will be discussed in the light of future prospects. The Leitmotiv of the meeting is the scientific activity of Gian Tommaso Scarascia Mugnozza, former vice-president of the Milano EXPO 2015 scientific committee, an outstanding personality in the international scientific panorama. The event is organized by the National Academy of Sciences called of the XL and Tuscia University in the framework of the National Research Council initiatives for EXPO2015.