QuarantaScienza. Scienziati on-line: the 2018 conferences at the start

Nucleic acids, proteins and the chemical language of life’ is the subject chosen for 2018. A look at the so-called informational macromolecules will lead to understanding how their concerted action confers to living beings the characteristics that distinguish them from inanimate matter and how a relatively small number of molecules is able to store and transmit an enormous amount of information.

Luciano Mayol, Giuseppe Macino, Irene Bozzoni, Emilia Chiancone, Maurizio Brunori, Antonino Cattaneo, Lilia Alberghina and Pierdomenico Perata will address the subject in 9 lectures at the Academy Library in Villa Torlonia in the presence of 13 different schools of Rome and it province

The lectures will be available on-line on the Academy website



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