Meeting ‘Sustainable Mobility’

The Sacro Convento in Assisi and the National Academy of Sciences called Academy of the XL are organizing since many years international meetings to address the complex and delicate relationships between care and protection of Creation and technological progress. The participation in the meetings of scholars and decision making bodies provides a unique opportunity to awaken and spread an ecological consciousness that is based on scientifically valid projects. Everyone has to become aware that every single action impacts on the environment and, therefore, that all our undertakings have to be studied and approached from various, often different viewpoints.

The 2012 meeting on Sustainable Mobility exemplifies perfectly this complexity, even though the scientific session will tackle only a few of its most relevant aspects. Mauro Massa, professor of Urban Planning at the University of Florence, who was awarded the 1998 National INARCH Prize for his studies on the correlation between city planning and its influence on the environment, will discuss this very subject. Engineer Andrea Sciotti, an executive board member of the Società Italiana Gallerie, will propose the exploitation of the subsoil as a solution to urban problems to avoid the exploitation of land that could find environmentally friendly usage, e.g. for public parks or agriculture – a solution that meets admirably the Franciscan spirit of care and protection of Creation. Lastly, engineer Livio Gallo, based on his experience as Director of ENEL Infrastructures and Networks, will illustrate how an intelligent use of energy can serve sustainable mobility to the benefit of the environment and Society.

Sacro Convento di Assisi, September 20th, 2012