Election of the President of the National Academy of Sciences called of the XL

Roma, 7 giugno 2011

The National Academy of Sciences called Academy of the XL elected Prof. Emilia Chiancone as President. The installation in office was formalized on June 3rd, 2011 by the Presidential Council.

Emilia Chiancone, senior Professor of Molecular Biology at ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome, an established scholar in the study of protein function and their regulation, is the first woman to serve as President of a national scientific Academy in Italy.

She succeeds prof. Gian Tommaso Scarascia Mugnozza who guided the Academy for over twenty years and raised its profile to the extent to make it worth of the Permanent High Patronage of the Presidency of the Republic.

The Academy of the XL was founded in 1782 as ‘Italian Society’ (Società Italiana) with the aim of anticipating, at least among scientists, a United Italy ante litteram; among its members are the Nobel Prize winners Rita Levi Montalcini and Carlo Rubbia and Enrico Bombieri, the only Italian awarded the Fields Medal, considered as equivalent to the Nobel Prize for Mathematics.

Rome, June 7th, 2011