BiodiversitàCaffè at Villa Torlonia

Three encounters at Villa Torlonia: on October 7th, prof. Ervedo Giordano, emeritus of Tuscia University, will guide the public to the discovery of ancient trees and to the privileged relationship they have always had with man; on October 21st, prof. Valerio Sbordoni of the University Roma Tor Vergata will talk about the feelings butterflies have about plants, while dr. Alberta Campitelli, director of the Villas and Historical Parks of the Capital will describe the landscape of Villa Torlonia from a historical-artistic viewpoint. BiodiversitàCaffè is an initiative promoted by the National Academy of Sciences called of the XL and by Technotown-Zètema Progetto Cultura, in collaboration with the National Association of Natural Sciences Teachers (ANISN)-Latium branch, in order to promote knowledge of plant biodiversity in a popularizing manner by profiting from the naturalistic richness of the Villa Torlonia Park. Indeed, the Villa Torlonia Park inspired the ‘TrovaPiante di Villa Torlonia’ project developed in 2013 and consisting of a multimedia interactive guide to the Park’s woody plants. The Guide – which can be downloaded freely – allows one to identify the plant organisms present in the park by means of easily observable characteristics, illustrated by images and/or drawings. Thus, the guide can be used also by people who approach plant identification for the first time

Link Il TrovaPiante di Villa Torlonia

The conferences will be held at 5.30 pm at the Academy Library in Villa Torlonia (entrance from Via L. Spallanzani 1/A).

Entrance is limited to availability of seats.