Science, industry and public health during the Great War A Meeting in Rome

The Meeting on November 16, 2018 closes the tour of encounters centered on the relationship between ‘Sciences and the Great War’ promoted on the occasion of the centenary of the first World War by the Academy of the XL in collaboration with the National Research Council and the major Italian History of Science Societies. The conference theme is the scientific and industrial development with special attention to the role of physicists and chemists – the Great War has been defined  the ‘ war of chemists’ – and of public health.

The previous meetings have offered numerous examples of the inseparable link between Sciences and the Great War: the change of the international scientific community and Italy’s role in the intellectual international inter-allied cooperation; the technical and scientific changes and the new organization that affected the agricultural production; the relationship between scientists and the war; the new technologies and the new organization in the field of communications.


Rome, Novembre 16, 2018 –10.00 am

Aula Marconi, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Piazzale Aldo Moro, 7