Optimal transport, mathematics and more. A conference by Alessio Figalli

On November 9, 2022,the fellow prof. Alessio Figalli will hold a conference entitled “Optimal transport, mathematics and more”, on the occasion of the second Assembly of Members of the National Academy of Sciences known as the XL.

Alessio Figalli, mathematician, in 2018 won the Fields medal, the most prestigious award for mathematicians. He graduated in Mathematics at the University Normale di Pisa. After his doctorate in Italy and France, he won a research grant at the French CNRS and then became a professor in Austin, Texas, and then full professor at the Zurich Polytechnic. Alessio Figalli is the second Italian to receive the prestigious award after Enrico Bombieri, dean of the Academy, who won it in 1974.

To participate in person it is necessary to register at segreteria@accademiaxl.it

The event will be broadcast online on the Zoom platform.

Meeting programme