Meeting “Science and the understanding of the past and future of Man“

The second event of the seminars on ‘Science and Technology in the Anthropocene’ will take place on March 29, 2017 in Padova. The technological acceleration that characterizes our time is reflected not only in the impact of society on natural equilibria, but also in the rapid conceptual and methodological evolution of various scientific disciplines. The use of advanced instrumentation, the connection and communication between diverse disciplines, and the insatiable curiosity of scientists are the elements that allow us to face the complexity challenges and produce new scenarios for the society of the future. The meeting aims at exploring the world of science in the understanding of the past and future of man by presenting three examples of recent developments in significant disciplines within the conceptual field of current science.

Speakers: Paolo De Bernardis, professor of Astrophysics, Sapienza University of Rome and Academy member; Gilberto Artioli, professor of  Mineralogy, University of Padova Academy member; Telmo Plevani, professor of  Philosophy of Biological Sciences, University of Padova; Giancarlo Setti, emeritus of Astrophysics, Bologna University Academy member,

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