Launch in Rome of the Portal of Science Archives in Italy [:]

The first event publicising the italian Portal of Science Archives (PSA) will be held in Rome on February 25, 2019 at the Library of the Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze detta dei XL  (the XL Academy).

The Portal is a joint project of the XL Academy and of the National Museum of Science and Technology “ Leonardo da Vinci” based in Milan. The project has been made possible by the financial contribution of MIUR, the Italian Ministry of  University and Research. It aims at making broadly available a comprehensive tool for mapping, highlighting and promoting the remarkable archives of italian learned Institutions devoted to scientific research. Personal archives and correspondence material of scientists are also mapped and referenced in the PSA.

The historic-scientific documentation of the italian archives, acknowledged as one of the largest and most interesting on a global scale, gains a specific visibility through the PSA, which marks a fundamental  starting point  of a path of conservation and valorisation of the Italian science archives, open to any contribution — from individuals and/or Institutions — that aims at highliting its material within a framework of public availability and promotion.

The PSA  has been relentlessly promoted and ultimately made possible by the stern commitment of the late President of the XL Academy, Prof. Emilia Chiancone (1938-2018).