A multi-dimensional intellectual: Vito Volterra between science, history and politics – Colloquia dei XL

Vito Volterra was an intellectual fascinated by reality. This aspect of his personality stands out in his contributions of a scientific nature because of his attention to applications; in his interest in history, and in particular in the history of science, a field in which he concretely worked to collect and safeguard sources, without ever neglecting the philosophical-epistemological dimension and attention to the cultural and social context; and finally in his relationship with politics, which saw him promote important institutional initiatives to organize scientific research, not to mention his opposition to dictatorship.

Giovanni Paoloni, professor of History and Policy of Science and Research at Sapienza University of Rome. He was director (2014-2020) of the School of Specialization in Archival and Book Heritage and coordinator (2018-2020) of the Doctorate in Documentary, Linguistic and Literary Sciences. He is considered one of Italy’s leading specialists on the history of scientific policy and cultural and research institutions, with particular reference to the institutional and political affairs of Italian academies and universities, and their historical-scientific heritage.

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