The "Novum Corpus Fontanianum" project will be presented in Rovereto on 3 February 2023 at the headquarters of the Caritro Foundation.

The project is dedicated to the census of bibliographic, archival and museum sources relating to the member Felice Fontana (Pomarolo, 1735-Florence, 1805), a scholar of natural sciences, human and animal

A conference in Rome, on December 1st, organized by the Academy and the EBRI Foundation in collaboration with the Senator for Life Prof. Elena Cattaneo. Through the memory of Rita Levi-Montalcini, the meeting aims to emphasize the importance for society of supporting basic research on the brain. The neurodegenerative diseases

On November 9, 2022,the fellow prof. Alessio Figalli will hold a conference entitled "Optimal transport, mathematics and more", on the occasion of the second Assembly of Members of the National Academy of Sciences known as the XL.

Alessio Figalli, mathematician, in 2018 won the Fields medal, the most prestigious award for mathematicians. He

The G20 Summit which took place in Rome on 30-31 October 2021, and the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), held in Glasgow on 20 October 2021, solemnly and authoritatively reaffirmed the fundamental role of trees, forests and forest conservation in the protection of the global environment. The commitment made by







25 gennaio 2023
Cambiamenti Climatici 2022 – Piero Lionello
Il cambiamento climatico e i suoi rischi nella regione mediterranea

26 gennaio 2023
Colloquia dei XL – Giovanni Battista Appendino
La flora urbica: un’opportunità per parlare di scienza

22 dicembre 2022
Colloquia dei XL – Antonino Cattaneo
I meccanismi molecolari della memoria: dimenticare fisiologico e patologico

24 novembre 2022
Colloquia dei XL – Amos Maritan
Principi variazionali nei sistemi viventi


The fellow Cecilia Saccone presents her book "Il codice dei viventi", published by Rubettino Editore during the pandemic. A scientist who has dedicated her life to Molecular Biology, at first