The portal of the project "Novum Corpus Fontanianum," dedicated to the census of bibliographic, archival and museum sources related to member Felice Fontana (Pomarolo, 1735-Florence, 1805), a scholar of natural sciences, human and animal physiology, lecturer at the University of Pisa and organizer of the Royal Museum of Physics and

June 8, 2023, will see the presentation in Rome of the Travel Diaries of Angelo Secchi, a distinguished member of the Academy, a multifaceted figure and one of the most interesting of the Italian nineteenth century, who has been widely remembered in recent years with a dense program of initiatives

The meeting organized by the Academy in honor of Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Lighthouses in the Universe: celebrating Jocelyn Bell's discovery of the Pulsars, will be held on May 31, 2023. Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who will take part in the meeting with a lecture of her own, is a







22 giugno 2023
Colloquia dei XL – Lorenzo Moretta
Cellule NK: dal laboratorio alla cura di leucemie acute

08 giugno 2023
Appunti di un gesuita scienziato:
I diari di viaggio di P.Angelo Secchi
Presentazione del volume curato da Ileana Chinnici

31 maggio 2023
Lighthouses in the Universe:
Celebrating Jocelyn Bell’s discovery of the Pulsars

24 maggio 2023
Inaugurazione del 241°Anno Accademico 


The fellow Cecilia Saccone presents her book "Il codice dei viventi", published by Rubettino Editore during the pandemic. A scientist who has dedicated her life to Molecular Biology, at first