QuarantaScienza. Scienziati on-line is meant as permanent on-line reference point for the discovery and deepening of topical scientific issues by students and teachers and by the general public interested in science.

At the heart of the project are a series of conferences on a theme launched each year, the production of videos of each conference and their sharing on-line on the Academy website.

Science and technological innovations pervade the social context in an ever increasing manner such that one could claim that ‘Science and Society’ represent the future ethical frame of our planet and its inhabitants. Therefore, it is necessary to promote a more solid wide-spread scientific culture, in order to bring science closer to society and society closer to science by placing ‘knowledge’ at the center of informed and conscious choices.

The theme of 2017

The theme chosen for 2017 is based and a pun on words: ‘TeRRRa’ (Earth), written with 3 Rs, which stand for Resources, Risks and Respect, rather than with 2. Geo-sciences are much too often undervalued disciplines. Everything around us, just like our day-to-day life, is affected by geology: from water to the atmosphere, which was formed and continues to be fed by the soil and volcanic gases, from the mineral resources to the energy ones that allowed industrial development and an extraordinary growth of the quality of life and of life expectancy; but geology also means risks: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, landslides and floods. Given this antithesis between resources and risks, the Respect for Earth, based on the knowledge of natural phenomena, is fundamental to arrive at an equilibrium in the relationship between Earth and Man.


The 2017 conferences (in Italian)

The book of life read in the fossils

Elisabetta Erba, University of Milan

The Earth: what it is like and how it works

Carlo Doglioni, Sapienza University of Rome, INGV

The rocks, inseparable travel fellows

Giorgio V. Dal Piaz, University of Padova

The fantastic world of minerals and their evolution

Annibale Mottana, University Roma Tre

Instruments, weapons, coins: the metals in the history of man

Gilberto Artioli, University of Padova

Water: a primary resource for man

Andrea Rinaldo, University of Padova

Energy: the resource of resources
Margherita Venturi – University of Bologna

Why earthquakes? What generates them? Can we predict them?
Giuliano F. Panza, University of Trieste

The power of volcanos: friend or foe?
Augusto Neri, INGV, Pisa

Landslides, landslides and more landslides: how can be protect ourselves?
Fausto Guzzetti – CNR-IRPI, Perugia

The evolution of climate

Carlo Barbante – University Ca’ Foscari, CNR-IDPA, Venice