The National Academy of Sciences called Academy of the XL has its seat in the monumental complex of Villa Torlonia, in Rome.

The Presidency and related offices is located in the so-called Villino Rosso (Red Villa) which hosts also the Historic Archive of the Academy. The Library and Conference Hall are hosted in the Scuderie Vecchie (Old Stables).

Both buildings are property of the City of Rome and have been bestowed to the Academy. They were highly deteriorated and have been restored at the expense of the Academy. In doing so, the artistic decorations (pavement mosaics, painted friezes, stuccos, etc.) have been recovered while respecting the historic-artistic, architectonic and environmental constraints.

The restorations realized by the Academy since the year 2000 are in line with the general investment and intervention policy of the City of Rome to valorize the whole Villa Torlonia complex and represent an important contribution to it. In the space of a few years, the re-opening of the largest part of the buildings and the re-arrangement of the Park have brought Villa Torlonia back to its old splendor. It is now a true, fully enjoyable city attraction that offers cultural and museum facilities (Casina delle Civette, Casino dei Principi, Casino Nobile), as well as educational and recreational ones (Technopark and the Villino Medievale game room) and services (Limonaia bar-restaurant).

Villino Rosso

Scuderie Vecchie