Domenico Marotta Prize

The Prize is managed by the “Domenico Marotta” Foundation which is established at the National Academy of Sciences and has as purpose to promote scientific research in the areas pertaining to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, the National Institute of Health. AGENO Mario 1980 Roma MILAZZO Giulio 1982 Roma VERANI BORGUCCI Paola 1983 Roma CALISSANO…


XL Medals

Medals of the XL The Medals of the XL for ‘Mathematics’ and for ‘Physical and Natural Sciences’ are the first government awards granted by the Italian Kingdom in 1866, right after the unification of Italy. With a Royal Decree, the government entrusted the Italian Society of Sciences with the annual assignment of the Medal to…


Matteucci Medal

The Matteucci Medal is established to reward relevant contributions to the progress of science by means of works or discoveries by Italian and foreign researchers. With the Royal Decree of July 8th, 1870, the Italian Society of Sciences was formally authorized to receive the donation by Senator Professor Carlo Matteucci for the establishment of the…


“Vincenzo Caglioti” Prize

The National Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the National Lincei Academy, launches a competition for the award of the “Vincenzo Caglioti” Prize. The Prize, which was established by the Caglioti family on the centenary of the birth of Academy member Vincenzo Caglioti, is awarded to Italian or foreign scholars active in an area of…


Prizes for Degree Thesis

The National Academy of Sciences, in order to promote the preparation of degree theses in the history of science, launches yearly competitions for degree theses in History of Biology, History of Chemistry, and in History of Physics.

Other Awards

Amedeo Avogadro Medal   HINSHELWOOD Cyril Norman 1956 Oxford PAULING Linus 1956 Pasadena BONINO G. B. 1977 Genova     Stanislao Cannizzaro Medal The “Stanislao Cannizzaro” Medal , just as the “Emanuele Paternò” and the “Raffaele Piria” ones, has been assigned every 4 years upon proposal of a five members Committee, 3 nominated by the…


Special Awards

Gold Medal of the XL to Felice Ippolito On December 9th, 1996, the Academy awarded the Gold Medal of the XL to Felice Ippolito, professor emeritus of Geology at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza, realizer of Institutions and Research Centers of international stature, incomparable science communicator, former member of the European Parliament, vice-president of…


International St. Francis ”Canticle of the Creatures” Prize for the Environment

The International St. Francis ”Canticle of the Creatures” Prize for the Environment (Premio Internazionale per l’Ambiente San Francesco “Cantico delle Creature”) is a solemn recognition awarded to personalities or institutions that stand out for the study, promotion and regulation of the relationships that link humanity, nature and sustainable development. The reward of exemplary initiatives has…


Emilia Chiancone Medal

The Medal is an award established in 2019 that intends to reward scholars under the age of 45 who have made their own original and significant contribution, recognized internationally, to the progress of biological sciences in the field of biology with works and discoveries. The Medal was coined in memory and in honor of Emilia…