Nutrition today between nutraceutics and epigenetics. Event in Naples

On May 3, 2017 the Città della Scienza will host the event promoted by the National Academy of Sciences called of the XL in collaboration with the CNR and the University of Naples ‘Federico II’ on ‘Nutrition today between nutraceutics and epigenetics’

The capacity to prepare, manipulate and store food helped – possibly more than fire, the wheel, or other discoveries and inventions – Homo sapiens to become the dominating species on Earth as it allowed him to move and survive in critical areas. Today, nutrition is one of the areas that underwent a major retelling. Thus, a social component was added to its role as primary energy source with important consequences from an anthropological viewpoint.

The meeting is part of the program ‘Science and Technology in the Anthropocene: risks and benefits’ organized by the Academy with the support of the National Research Council, CNR. The initiative aims at contributing to the debate on the development of a ‘good Anthropocene’.

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