Novel physical and chemical methodologies for cultural heritage. Italian scientific excellence in the museums of the world. The workshop in Rome

The workshop  took place in Rome in October 25th and involved Italian scientific experts working in the most important museum centers in Europe and the United States. It has been an opportunity to present the new chemical and physical methodologies in use in the world’s most prestigious museum collections. At the same time, the contributions served as a moment of emphasis and reflection on the great Italian school of scientific research on cultural heritage. The workshop has been dedicated to Raymond White and John Mills – who spent their careers at one of the first scientific laboratories established in a fine arts museum- for their seminal contributions in the application and dissemination of new analytical methodologies in the field of museum conservation and preservation.

Scientific committee: Francesca Casadio (head of the scientific research laboratory at the Art Institute of Chicago), Gennaro Marino (Emeritus of the University of Naples Federico II, Member of the Academy of the XL and Lincei) and Antonio Sgamellotti (Emeritus of the University of Perugia, Member of the Accademy of Lincei).

The event e was organized with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture, General Directorate of Education Research and Cultural Institutes.

Chemical Physical Methodologies for Cultural Heritage_Programme

Full workshop’s videos