On March 23rd, 2016 the Portal of the Roman Flora will be presented to the general public together with the new app for the identification of the city plants. The multimedia guide to the Flora of Rome allows one to identify volunteer plants by means of various research interfaces. The Guide utilizes easily observable characteristics that are illustrated by pictures and/or drawings. Therefore, it can be used also by those who approach plant identification for the first time.

The Guide represents an ideal instrument for the appreciation and understanding of the rich plant biodiversity heritage of the Roman territory which hosts 1649 species. In addition, it provides a didactic support for teachers and educators as it favors experimentation of new, autonomous, instructional and didactical paths.

The Portal and the interactive Guide to the Flora of Rome stem directly from a joint project of the National Academy of Sciences and Zètema Progetto Cultura in collaboration with the Life Sciences Department of the University of Trieste, the Environmental Biology Department of Sapienza University of Rome, the National Association of Natural Sciences teachers – Latium branch,  and LifeWatch Italy. The project has been financed by the Ministry of Education University and Research (MIUR) and by the Joint Research Unit  LifeWatch-Italy


The Portal of the Roman Flora

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