The National Academy of Sciences is an autonomous high culture body, honored by the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.

The traditional principal activity is the promotion of scientific knowledge in mathematical, physical and natural sciences. In the last few years, increasing attention has been given to astrophysics and geology, to life sciences, chemistry and biotechnology, to biodiversity and environment, and to the mathematical and physical basis of genetics and molecular biology by means of bioinformatics and computational methodologies.

Since the twenties, the Academy fosters studies on the ‘History of Science’, with particular reference to the history of Chemistry, Physics, and of Research Institutions. During its over two centuries of existence, the Academy has gathered a precious Historical Archive and has acquired numerous personal archival funds of Italian scientists. In addition, it possesses a large book heritage guarded  in the Academy Library seated in the Scuderie Vecchie (Old Stables) of Villa Torlonia. The Library is open to the public.

In the nineties, the mission of the Academy expanded for the benefit of the general public, in particular of students.

The Academy:

  • awards scientific prizes:
  • organizes meetings and conferences on highly specialized scientific and technical subjects;
  • publishes periodicals and series;
  • maintains relationships and collaborations with Italian and international organizations and institutions;
  • establishes consultative committees for governmental agencies;
  • promotes learning initiatives and popular events on science.